Talk about Your Knowledge By Writing: You Will Enhance People’s Lives & Contribute To Social Development!

What If Napoleon Hill Had Not Written Believe And Grow Rich?

What might this world have been like if Slope had not written that wonderful book? Think back to all the successful individuals you know who have mentioned that reading THAT book transformed their lives. Imagine if they had never look at the book i. e. it has not been written.
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The implications would be several fold. Let’s consider a few examples.

Maybe today, Dr . Walter Doyles Staples would not be the accomplished person whose works have been a source of training and inspiration for thousands of individuals worldwide. Robert Kiyosaki would probably not have to get the person we know today, whose information about proper education of children, as well as the need for a reform of our traditional educational system, opened the eye of many parents to what they can do to help their kids succeed in life.

The point is that when people who go through useful/authentic experiences (or who get in touch with those who do so), write to be able to share their acquired knowledge with others, significant positive social growth can quite often take place as a result. This can happen especially if those who read the created works, actually take action to diligently apply the knowledge they acquire through doing so in their personal lives.

You are able to Change Lives Through Your Writings

Simply by writing, we give others a chance to embark, more intelligently, and therefore with greater chances of success, on doing some thing we(or persons we closely studied) have also done in the past and/or are still doing. Anyone who has applied honest plus diligent effort to a particular result in, can write competently about what s/he has done in a way that can benefit others who wish to pursue a similar goal.

While we have been on the subject, have you ever wondered why it is that millions of parents worldwide have bought books by Robert Kiyosaki, and followed his advice about how to teach kids/prepare them to achieve financial self-reliance, even though Robert clearly stated within the books that he and his wife(Kim) had no kids of their own?

I have, and the ONLY logical explanation for exactly what should have been an unreasonable activity on that part of the parents are these claims: They (wisely) chose to look over and above Robert NOT being a parent, to the intuitive and common sense logic from the ideas he presented, which resonated with those they had themselves battled with, during their own childhoods. Essential when you read some of the re-printed testimonials in Robert’s bestseller titled “If you want to be rich and happy, may go to school? “, you will notice many of those people quoted said things like “That’s what I think”; “puts into phrases what I have been thinking for a lengthy time” etc .

When I read those commentaries/testimonials by those who read the previously discussed book, I could not help thinking if they would have ever gotten close to to doing anything about what these were “thinking” IF someone like Robert had not decided to write it all within a book by himself. Again, returning to the questions with which I started this article: What if Robert had in no way chosen to write any of his books? One thing at least is certain: our considering how children should be educated and prepared to pursue success in life as independent adults, would be worse off than it is now. That is the value that Robert’s writing has added to a lot of lives the world over – mine inclusive(the distance between our continents of residence notwithstanding).

Many People Who Need to Write Are NOT Writing

In many societies, people daily undergo unique experiences of all kinds, that those around all of them may never have the opportunity of experiencing. For each person, the learning acquired through those experiences literally shapes who else they become over time, and eventually determines whether or not – or better still how well – they be successful.

I am of the firm opinion in line with the above, that EACH one of us(if s/he were to make conscious effort) can effectively draw upon the knowledge and insight acquired through his/her exclusive, personal experiences, to teach others how to deal with them successfully, should they encounter something similar.

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