Using LED Strip Lights

LED Strip lights are thin, flexible lighting that can be utilised throughout homes and gardens. You can purchase both waterproof and non-waterproof lights and light strips can be cut to perfectly suit your project.

To affix non — waterproof lights simply peel off the particular adhesive strip and stick. Waterproof lights are affixed using anchoring screws and mounting clips.

You can choose LED strip lights based on colour, lighting and how moisture proof they are. Lights are generally sold in spools.

Most LED pieces need to be used with a 12v energy source so if in doubt check with the manufacturer and your electrician.

Where to Use LED Strip Lights

LED lights are quick, effective, eco-friendly and incredibly cheap to operate. You can use them anywhere you want to, yet they’re most commonly used as a way to highlight areas in the home.

For example , you can place lights around the bottom of your cooking area cupboards or above your work areas. You can use them in your garden in order to illuminate a pathway or even location them behind a mirror in your restroom to give a ‘dressing room’ impact.

What About Colours?

Light is a fantastic way to add interest and personality to a home, but installing new light fittings can be expensive and disruptive. With LED lights, they have quick and easy to make a transformation and you won’t need to start messing with wiring or drilling holes in your ceiling

DIRECTED lights come in a myriad of different colours and you can even find strip lamps that change from one colour to another. Because they’re so cheap to run, using LED lights around the house is a great way to provide enough gentle to get around and avoid having to walk into pitch black rooms, without having to fork out thousands on energy bills, which is what would happen if you kept your standard bulbs on all the time.

Are they Secure?

The short answer is indeed! LED lights don’t get hot like normal bulbs. 90% of the energy they use goes into making light, as opposed to the 20% achieved by normal bulbs (the other 80% of energy is lost producing heat).

This means that LED strip lamps don’t get hot, so you can use them inside cupboards and wardrobes, in bath rooms, to illuminate shelving or together walls.

Can I Fit LED Strip Lighting Myself?

If you want to plug your LED Strip Lights into the mains then you can match them yourself, but if you want all of them wired in then you’ll need to utilize the services of an electrician. However , the majority of homeowners prefer to simply purchase and plug in, which looks just as effective as wired in strip lighting.

Lee McIver invites you to save a little money and do your little bit for the environment by replacing all your traditional light bulbs with energy-saving DIRECTED light bulbs.

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