Can be Cheating All About Sex?

If you are the victim of a cheating spouse you might believe that cheating is all about intercourse. That is certainly how the media likes to portray cheating. While there aren’t any great excuses for cheating the end result is that it is rarely something as simple since sex that leads to cheating.

A lot of people really do take their marriage promises seriously. With this in mind, how is it that will current studies show that nearly 60% of men and 40% of women either have or will cheat. Obviously it isn’t all about sex though intercourse does play an important role within cheating. It’s just difficult to suppose this high of a percentage of relationships (it’s doubtful that all those having affairs are married to each other) are having sex so poor that they are forced to look elsewhere for it.

So , if it’s not about sexual intercourse, what is cheating about?

That is a great question!


Think about it. How much period do you really spend together as husband and wife? Not in the bedroom but in fact talking to each other and doing things together.

I’m not talking about a rundown of schedules and obligations or discussing the children. I’m discussing deep conversations about dreams, programs for the future, things you’d like to do, and things you want from your relationship.

A lot of people cheat because the other person listens to what they have to say and can make time for them. It’s time to crystal clear schedules and make marriage important.
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Men and women have their own unique sets of insecurity. They are a lot alike and very much different. Both have to feel wanted and needed within the relationship to be happy. The things that make them feel wanted and needed are very different.

Women crave attention and thank you. These things will bring out loyalty inside a wife faster than anything. Insufficient these things will have her feeling out of sorts and an easy target intended for someone looking for an affair.

Many men a little different. They crave appreciation and respect. He needs to feel like he’s the man and wears the pants. More importantly he needs to seem like the woman in his life knows this particular and respects him for it. He wants to be flattered. His vanity needs to be fed (hard to imagine it might get any bigger, right? ) and he needs to have the respect of the one person who matters most to him or someone else who comes along and offers that big boost to pride and pride will have him on her mercy before the wife knows what’s hit her.

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