Itchy Scalp and Hair Dyes – Why Your Hair Dye is Burning Your Scalp

What’s The Link Between Itchy Scalp and Hair Dyes?

Hair dyes can cause allergic reactions, typically resulting in a red, burning itchy scalp. This problem can usually be dealt with fairly easily if action is taken early on, when you first notice some irritation or something simply not quite right with your scalp.

Unfortunately many folks don’t always know the link between their irritated scalp and hair dyes, or they will buy special shampoos and conditioners to treat their condition without realising that many of these big name products contain very harsh chemicals that can aggravate and even worsen your tender scalp condition.

So What’s In A Hair Dye?

Typically the nastiest culprit of an itchy scalp and hair dyes problem is the chemical Phenylenediamine (PPD). This is known as a contact allergen, and can result in a nasty sore irritated scalp…or in doctor-speak, sensitisation dermatitis. It absorbs itself into the skin causing serious irritation. If inhaled it can cause throat irritation, and bronchial asthma, and in extreme cases has led to blindness from contact with the eyes.
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It is often found in many dyes, as well as leather dyes, fur dyes, various printer inks and photographic products. Some manufacturers of these products have explicitly stated that PPD should not be used directly on the skin, however most manufacturers of PPD often do not do the same, and neglect to tell the consumer and end-user the dangers associated with this compound.

Other harmful chemicals found in dyes include Hydrogen Peroxideand Ammonia. Most off-the-shelf brands of hair dyes and even some gentler salon dyes contain one or more of these chemicals.

What Can We Do To Solve The Itchy Scalp and Hair Dyes Problem?

First of all, I would advise that the next time you go to a salon, ask for a “sensitive scalp” dye. There are many brands which are NOT harmful and can leave your hair in much healthier condition due to their gentler active ingredients and conditioning properties.

Second, make sure you’re using a natural pH-balanced shampoo, that doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals like Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) and Propylene Glycol. These will only serve to aggravate your itchy scalp problem.

Finally, you can try a natural itchy scalp remedy like Chamomile which is excellent at soothing an itchy scalp and is readily available and 100% natural.

Either buy some chamomile tea from your local health store or make your own by simply boiling a pint of water and adding 2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers. Chamomile oil is also wonderful when dabbed on itchy scalp sores, and is the perfect treatment for problems caused by an itchy scalp and hair dyes.

Are There Any Natural Hair Dyes?

Henna is a natural dye which thickens hair (coats it), as well while coloring your hair safely, and thus any Henna based dyes should be fine (providing they contain no chemicals such as the dreaded phenylenediamine of course).

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