Healthier Diet Recipe – Chicken Stuffed With Pears

A pear may have adequate nutrients to meet up with 15.9% of your day by day fiber requirement, 11.1% of your every day vitamin C need, nine.5% of your day by day copper necessity, and 9.three% of you daily vitamin K requirement. Taking in a person pear a day can fulfill five% of your complete vitality have to have, assuming that common folks require 2000 energy a day.

Pear has many health and fitness gains to give, some of them contain

– Shield you from cost-free radicals for its substantial quantity of vitamin C and copper.

– Increase cardiovascular and digestive wellness. Pear has an considerable quantity of fibers that can aid reduced cholesterol ranges and struggle against carcinogenic chemical substances.

– Prevent the chance of breast cancer in write-up-menopause section. A study featured in Int. J Most cancers. 2008 described that people who consume fruits and cereal wealthy in fibers routinely can lower the risk of breast cancer by 34% as opposed to these who don’t.
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– Protect you against macular degeneration in the elderlies. Owning three servings of fruits a day can lessen the danger of creating Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) by 36%. Pear is made up of anti-oxidants this kind of as vitamin A, C, E, and carotenoid that can enable protect against ARMD.

To get the most benefit from this fruit, consume it new. Pear can also be a major ingredient for your main study course. Below is the recipe: chicken stuffed with pears.

For one serving


– 200 g of hen breast (skinless)

– 50 % a pear, sliced into dices

– fifty ml of lime juice

– One tablespoon of honey


– 50 percent a tablespoon of honey

– A person tablespoon of apple vinegar

– 30 ml of lime juice

How to make it:

– Distribute the rooster breast on the cutting board. Hammer it with meat tenderizer or any other device you have. Depart it apart.

– Get ready the stuffing by mixing the pear, honey, and lime juice. Leave it aside.

– Unfold the rooster breast and set the stuffing on the middle. Roll it until eventually it covers all the stuffing. Put a piece of aluminum foil on an oven tray and place the rooster stuffed with pear on it.

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