How To Find A Digital Video Camera Rental

You’d love to have a visual record of the next big family event, not just in still photographs, but in full motion. There’s just something special about having a movie of an event with sound if you like, so that you get the full picture of what was going on, and not just the silent split seconds here and there that you can capture on a still camera.

Your digital camera does allow you to choose between an entire memory card full of photos, or a few minutes worth of video. Not much of a choice. But you can’t afford to drop the price of a video camera, no matter how important the upcoming event is. So why not consider a digital video camera rental?

Digital video cameras now produce videos of such high quality that you can make several generations of copies from your original recording, and even the copi4es of the copies of the copies will look and sound as clear as the first. One of the big appeals of the digital video camera rental is that for the price of one rental you can supply all the guests with a treasured memory of the day.

The best way to ensure that your digital video camera rental will provide the best possible copies is to ask the associate at the rental store to demonstrate the resolution with which each camera records, by seeing a sample of recordings done by each of their different digital video camera rentals. Even the weakest of their digital video camera rentals will be light years ahead of your old home movies, but there’s no point in settling for anything less than the best you can get.

Editing Your Video

In order to make copies of your master digital video recording, you’ll need access to a PC on which you can save the master and make copies. If you have the software to do it, you can even edit the digital video recording to delete the less interesting parts and focus on the more entertaining ones. But you should always do your editing on a copy, in case you don’t like the result. Save the master recording as it was when you uploaded it from the digital video camera rental.

The chances of your having the necessary software, because you don’t own a digital video camera, aren’t high. But don’t let that discourage you; there is software available for download at no charge on the Internet and some of it might be perfect for editing your video.

You can also use a personal computer to research your digital video camera rental. You should be able to get a ball park estimate of how much a digital video camera with the features you want rents for, and the location of rental stores in your area that carry them.

Features To Ask For

Make sure you ask for, and get, a digital video camera rental. You most definitely do not want the video cameras which used VHS cassettes to record on. And make sure that your digital video camera rental has the amount of pixilation that you want. 680,000 pixels is the minimum you should settle for, and it really is the minimum. The greater the number of pixels, the clearer your video will be.

And ask about your digital video camera rental’s light measuring devices, or CCDs.
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These are chips, and you need as many as you can get. The difference between a camera with one CCD chip and three CCD chips is, shall we say, like the difference between light and darkness?

Your digital video camera rental is the tool with which you will be building memories you can treasure for years to come. So do your homework, and make it the best tool you can possibly find!

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