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Introduction To Bitcoin And Its Advantages


Bitcoin is a form of currency existing only in the digital world. The technologies was created by an individual hiding under an identity named Satoshi Nakamoto. To this day, the creator/creators of the program never materialized, maintaining an anonymous status. Bitcoins are not printed like traditional currencies as there are simply no physical representations for ….  Read More

Hk – Cultural Scenario and Work Ethics


Lately taken under the fold by the Chinese government, Hong Kong is a densely filled island, with a westernized outlook, Chinese roots and tradition. The wonderful amalgamation of Chinese traditions and British outlook has shaped a modern, westernized capital economy with a multi cultural ethos. Referring to its previous glories and recent return to Chinese ….  Read More

ATM Machines


If you are a business owner, when your customers require cash – where do you think these people get it? If you have an ATM machine in your business, the chances are very good which they get it from your ATM. And, these people probably spend some of that money inside your business while they’re ….  Read More